Sunday, November 22, 2009

Free Range, Breast Fed Turkey

Invariably Perfect Parent's Thanksgiving holiday begins when someone sounds the "gratitude" warning! "This yoga/nia/spin class is all about gratitude." "Next week the children will write about those things they are grateful for."

Why do we do this?

Can we not assume that each of us will benefit or suffer according to our own measure of perspective?
Ironically my grateful group of contemporaries is increasingly foregoing more and more things to be grateful for such as dairy, meat, non kosher, gluten, white sugar, caffeine, caged or restricted animals, mercury, red dye, chocolate and of course,alcohol.It would be gratifying if at some point we stopped talking about our bewildering array of dietary accomplishments and returned to a simpler time when awkward dinner conversation consisted of old grudges and thinly veiled accusations.
Just thinking about feeding my family and friends makes me want to mark the holiday by suggesting a fast!
How about we show our gratitude by sitting together and eating what looks good, ignoring the rest and for god's sake if you can't be entertaining, be quiet!

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