Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bottle the Water in Arkansas!

Ten-year-old Will Phillips may have just become the new cause célèbre of the gay rights movement.

It all started when he refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance in a West Fork, Arkansas elementary school.

Speaking to CNN's John Roberts on Monday, Will said he remained seated four straight days while his classmates repeated the words, "with liberty and justice for all."

"I was analyzing the meanings of it, because I want to be a lawyer," he said. "... There isn't really liberty and justice for all. There's ... Gays and lesbians can't marry. There's still a lot of racism and sexism in the world. Yeah."

Eventually, the substitute teacher started giving Will "grief" over his refusal to repeat the words. "What did you say to that teacher?" Roberts asked.

"I eventually, very solemnly -- with a little bit of malice in my voice -- said, 'Mam, with all due respect, you can go jump off a bridge," Will explained.

Seated next to the boy, his father covered his face, smiling.

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  1. A tree grows in Arkansas!
    There is nothing more worrisome to a parent than getting a phone call from the school principal about your child's disruptive behavior.
    In a case like this I would recommend pointing out to the administration that this sort of analytical thinking is a direct result of starting the day with a well balanced breakfast in which The New York Times and Cocoa Puffs are an important part!